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NECP at JP Concerts

Saturday, October 7th 2017, 8pm

NECP will begin their 2017-2018 season by returning to the JP Concerts series at St. John's church for a program featuring music of Bach, Ives, and Brahms. This beautiful acoustic is an ideal setting for these pieces allowing for the intimacy of the Ives and Bach while affording enough space for the Brahms to really shine. We hope you can join us!

Tickets are $10 dollars, or $5 for students,seniors, and members.

They are available for purchase here: J.S. Bach - Sonata in E minor BWV 1034

I. Adagio ma non tanto

II. Allegro

III. Andante

IV. Allegro

Alex Conway, flute

Rachel Juszczak, bassoon

Thomas Weaver, piano

Charles Ives- Largo

Thomas Weston, clarinet

Heather Braun-Bakken, violin

Thomas Weaver, piano

Johannes Brahms- Trio Op. 40

I. Andante

II. Scherzo

III. Adagio Mesto

IV. Finale- Allegro Con Brio

Megan Marranca, horn

Heather Braun-Bakken, violin

Thomas Weaver, piano

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