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Back to Peabody Institute Library!

Updated: Nov 9

We are back to the beautiful Sutton Room at Peabody Institute Library featuring our core woodwind players in various ensembles with both well known and lesser known composers.

Igor Stravinsky- Pastorale

Jean Rivier- Duo

I. Allegretto affettuoso

II. Lento molto doloroso

III. Presto

Ludwig Van Beethoven- Duo No. 3

I. Allegro Sostenuto

II. Aria con Variazioni

Alan Hovhaness- Suite

I. Allegretto, senza misura

II. Andante

III. Espressivo, senza misura

IV. Canzona- Andante con moto

V. Canzona- Andante

VI. Dance- Allegro

VII. Fantasy- Andante

VIII. Fantasy- Andante

IX. Adagio

X. Dance- Allegro

Jean Françaix- Quartet

I. Allegro

II. Andante

III. Allegro Molto

IV. Allegro Vivo

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