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Alex Conway-  Co-Founder and Executive & Artistic Director

Where are you from?

I was born and raised in New York, NY and all the amazing musical opportunities that that affords. 


 What is your musical background?

Although my parents aren't musicians, they a huge appreciators and there was always classical music playing around the house growing up. I began taking private lessons with a hugely inspiring professional named Marco Granados at the age of 9 and haven't looked back!


Do you have interests outside classical music?


I'm pretty obcessed so most of my life revolves around music in one way or another. I do appreciate and enjoy learning about fine coffees and wines. 


Do you have a favorite piece?

That is a very difficult question to answer, as my answer changes quite frequently depending on what i'm working on. I have a particular affinity for French music particularly that of the early to mid 20th century. Debussy Sonata for flute viola and harp (which we performed last season) and the Ravel Chansons Madécasses on this coming concert in February are surely in my top 10. 


Why did you start NECP?


After finishing my MM degree at BU, I settled in Boston and started freelancing. It's a tough city to get established in and there is so much talent competing for a few spots in local orchestras. My colleagues and I were understandibly quite frustrated. Although the opportunities to play in orchestras were limited, the solo and chamber opportunities are basically non-extistant! After volunteering at a few retirement communities with another local ensemble I had an idea; Why not bring some of these musicians together and play chamber music in communities througout New England?  It seemed like a win/win situation the musicians get to play repertoire they are dying to present and audiences get to enjoy  professional performances in their communities. Together with my good friend Tom we started NECP.


Why do you incorporate outreach in your NECP mission?


For too long classical chamber music has been the priveledge of a chosen few. Chamber music has a power to connect with audiences that is unparalleled. We hope that by bringing our passion out in into areas of the community that might not otherwise have the opportunity to experience classical chamber music, we can affect the lives of our audiences in some small way and maybe even connect more people to this amazing art form.




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